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If you have rats in your home, it’s more than a pest problem or matter of rat control. Rats are carriers of disease, which can make you and your family sick. The presence of rats contaminates not just the places where they nest, but also anyplace they’ve tread in your home, including the pantry, drawers, presses and floors. Their scent even contaminates the air that you and your loved ones breathe. If you have rats in your home, you need to contact us immediately before the problem get out of hand. Rat Flap Pest ControL Dublin are a professional rat exterminators with certified and licensed technicians.

In the meantime, here’s what you need to know about rat pest control.

Rat Pest Control & Exterminator Dublin

How Do Rats Get In?

If you live in a rural part of Ireland, it’s not hard to imagine how a rat might get into your home. They can enter through an open door or window or through a tiny hole. Rural Ireland has loads of wild rats outdoors, which is where they belong. But it’s quite common for rats to seek indoor shelter, especially in the colder months.

If you live in the city, it’s harder to imagine where rats come from and how they enter a home. It’s not like you see rats scurrying along your walks around the city. But there are plenty of ways for rats to get inside. Any place in your home where there’s a hole in the wall offers plenty of space for a rat to get through. For instance, the hole where your sink drain pipe goes through the back wall, or the hole where your stove’s gas line leads outdoors are common entry points for mice. If there are cracks between the floor and the ceiling, that’s another easy entry point for rats.

A less common way for rats to enter a home is through items that you yourself bring in. A small rat might be inside product packaging or a bag of feed that you bring through the kitchen and out to the back. You might not even notice the hole that the mouse chewed through to escape the bag.

Dangers of Rats in the Home

As mentioned, rats spread disease. They can carry everything from salmonella to fleas to tapeworms. If you have a family pet, they are also susceptible to the dangers of having a mice infestation in the home. Mice also endanger you and your loved ones in other ways. They are avid chewers and can chew through wires, causing electrical and fire risks inside your home. Even the best rat repellents that you can buy at a store are no match for a professional rat exterminator.

Rat Pest Control

If you see one rat in your home, the odds are almost 100% that there are more. It’s impossible for you to get rid of a rat infestation without professional help, who can use a rat sonic deterrent. You can control rats only slightly by being diligent about putting food away and keeping floors clean. But the facts are that once a rat has taken up residence in your home, you’ll need to hire a pest control company to get rid of the problem using a variety of methods.

The thing is, rats nest and procreate. Rats enjoy a warm home just as much as you do. So they’ll enter the home, find a nice, warm and dark place to nest and start gathering nesting materials. They will chew wood to make wood shavings, pull away at insulation to line their nest and basically create a nice, comfortable place to have lots of little babies. Once that happens, you could have generations of rats residing in your formerly tidy, clean home. You’ll encounter them when you open drawers, pick up shoes from the floor and at other times when you least expect it.

As much as you may like to welcome guests, rats should always be unwelcome for the reasons cited above. Call Rattrap Pest Control today to get rid of the rats pests in your home.

Rat caught using pipe inspection camera

We called in our drain specialist partners to help locate the source of the rats through drains and sewers and we found the critters and stopped their access to the house by installing rat-flaps.

6 Rats Caught

This is what’s left of a rat caught in a trap. The rest of body was eaten by another rat / rats. They are cannibals and survivors and when hungry enough, they’ll eat their own kind.

We caught 5 young rats and one large rat on this job.

Entry point was a hole under structure of house in the country in County Meath.

ESB Box Rat and Mouse Entry

Another example of mice and rats able to get into your house…..

Rat travels up the sewer and accesses house under the floor

Rats travel between attics of joined semi-d or terraced houses and apartments

What’s that sound – Rat or Pigeon?
We were called out to exterminate rats inside the walls of a Dublin house
After listening, we knew straight away it wasn’t a rat or rodent.
It turns out, a pigeon fell down the old chimney breast which was hidden behind a wall in kitchen.
We had to break out skirting and wall to get bird out and saved the bird lost a few feathers but otherwise unhurt 😋

Rat chewed top of water bottle
Did you know, a rat has to drink twice its own body weight every day!

Rat chews through cement and sewer junction to gain entry to kitchen etc.

Rat chews through door to gain entry to house

Rat’s den found – under bath in house

Rat smell
Rats decomposing gives off a rotten stench. A rat died in ceiling of house because of rat poison this can cause a very bad smell for 4 to 5 weeks and also possibly cause an infestation of blue bottle flies

This one was up in the ceiling sitting on one of the timber boards which had completely discoloured

Rats find way into Dublin house through PVC sewer junction
Rats more or less live in sewers.
The gap you see in picture in the middle is what happens over time when ground beneath subsides and rodent can enter under house through this gap.
A rat can fit through a gap slightly over a half inch or chew it’s way through the PVC (plastic) sewer junction when rodent gets under house it then makes its way up cavity wall to attic space.
This picture was taken on a recent rat removal job in Dublin.

Rat Burrow Found in Dublin Garden

Another Rat Entry Point
This is a broken air vent for a clothes dryer and an entry point for rats in a Dublin house. Fixed and rats are now gone.

Rat Collection
For rat jobs, often we have to come back once or twice to pick up any dead rats after we have cut off their escape routes and set up traps.
This was a chunky one that died after being poisoned.

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