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Rat & Mouse Pest Control FAQs

How do I know if I have a rat infestation?

If you hear rustling or scratching in the attic at night this might very well be a rat. During the winter months, rats will make a home of your attic if they can access it. It is the perfect place to stay warm and breed. Another sign of rats is droppings. These look like grains of rice and are often found in corners or along baseboards.

How can I get rid of rats without poison or traps?

If you have concerns about causing suffering to these animals the truth is there is no way to kill a rat humanely. Some people set a ‘live’ trap so they can catch the rat alive and then release it in the wild. However, it has been proven that rats dealt with in this way have a low survival rate.

Should I get professional rat removal?

Absolutely. Rats are a serious pest and should not be taken lightly. They spread diseases and can cause considerable damage to the structure of your house. A professional will treat your house against further infestations and advise you as to how to keep your house rat proof. So, if you are thinking of doing it yourself we would urge you to reconsider as rats really are a serious threat to your home and health.

What types of rat killer are there?

In general, there are two ways to kill a rat: poison and traps. Poisons are known as rodenticides and can be used to kill mice as well as rats. It can take anywhere between several hours to several weeks for a rat to die. Death is caused by internal bleeding. There are many different types of rattraps including glue rattraps, electronic rattraps as well as the traditional snap rattrap.

When is the best time to get rid of rats?

Rats are nocturnal creatures so setting traps or poison at night is the ideal time. Rat poison can also be harmful to your pet dog or cat so it is best to put it down when they are not active.

How long will it take to destroy the vermin?

If you poison a rat it will take anywhere between several hours and several weeks for it to die. Rats are also suspicious creatures so it might take a while for them to take the poison in the first place. So, you might have to be patient.

Is there any chance the rodents will return?

We thoroughly treat your house against further infestations as well as advise you on what to do to keep them out so the chances of them returning are minimized.

What can I do to prevent rodents moving into my house?

The main thing is to keep your house and backyard clean and tidy. Keep food stuffs, including per food, in metal or glass containers with tight fitting lids and put rubbish bags in rat proof bins.

I’m afraid to check my attic for rats. What can I do?

No problem. Rattrap will send out an expert to conduct a free inspection. If you have a rat or more than one rat we will find them out.

Will keeping a cat help to make my house rodent free?

Keeping a cat is the most traditional way of getting rid of mice and vermin. However, they can catch diseases from the rats they kill and pass them on to your other pets or even you and your family, thus making the problem even worse.

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