Rat Flap for 4 Inch Pipe- ask for Local Installation

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We sell and install the highly successful rat flap into 4 inch pipes – the size of most drain pipes from domestic buildings.


Product Description

Rats, like cockroaches, are a near omnipresent pest in the world today. They are the bane of numerous businesses as they can infest properties and cause damage to both the building, infrastructure, and stock. There are many methods of exterminating rats and these are still popularly used but not always suitable. Exterminating rats also leaves environmental hazards as the bodies can be difficult to remove, depending on where the rats were trapped or poisoned. It also provides no guarantee that the site will remain rat free. The RATFLAP has been designed as a humane and effective solution to this. Rather than seek to exterminate rats after they have already established a presence, the RATFLAP aims to prevent them from getting a foothold at all. The RATFLAP is designed to prevent access for rats to drain or sewage pipes. It is a stainless steel hinge and flap that can be retrofitted to both older and newer pipes without affecting their flow. The one way system ensures that rats are unable to gain access. The durable materials used ensure that it is long lasting and impervious to damage by the rats. It took years of development and testing to become such an effective one stop fix for rat infestation. It is also simple and straightforward to install though an installation service is also available if you wish to avail of it. RATFLAP is available in a number of different sizes to accommodate different pipe diameters. Custom orders to suit pipes outside this range are also possible. They are suitable for use with older systems too, both in upstream and downstream positions, depending on the layout of your pipe system. We can cater for both small and large orders. If you have queries about bulk orders or the product then do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Rat Flap installed in drain means no more rats are able to go through the drains of the house to gain entry

Rat flap installed in Dublin house

Rat flap installed in Dublin
I installed this rat flap Jan 20th in Glenageary Co Dublin. It is a one-way stainless steel device that lets flush away but rat cannot not get by.
It’s money well spent rats will not be able to get by this to enter the house any more

Drain for toilets covered over By paving slabs
Rats enter through these drains up to toilet
Installing a rat flap in this drain will prevent this from happening

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1 review for Rat Flap for 4 Inch Pipe- ask for Local Installation

  1. Terry (verified owner)

    The ratflap is a great product! Has rat-proofed my house!

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