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If you have mice in your home, it’s more than a pest problem or matter of mice control. Mice are carriers of disease, which can make you and your family sick. The presence of mice contaminates not just the places where they nest, but also anyplace they’ve tread in your home, including the pantry, drawers, presses and floors. Their scent even contaminates the air that you and your loved ones breathe. If you have mice in your home, you need to contact us immediately before the problem get out of hand. Rat Flap Pest Control Dublin are a professional mice exterminators with certified and licensed technicians.

In the meantime, here’s what you need to know about mouse pest control.

Mouse Pest Control & Exterminator Dublin

How Do Mice Get In?

If you live in a rural part of Ireland, it’s not hard to imagine how a mouse might get into your home. They can enter through an open door or window or through a tiny hole. Rural Ireland has loads of wild mice outdoors, which is where they belong. But it’s quite common for mice to seek indoor shelter, especially in the colder months.

If you live in the city, it’s harder to imagine where mice come from and how they enter a home. It’s not like you see mice scurrying along your walks around the city. But there are plenty of ways for mice to get inside. Any place in your home where there’s a hole in the wall offers plenty of space for a mouse to get through. For instance, the hole where your sink drain pipe goes through the back wall, or the hole where your stove’s gas line leads outdoors are common entry points for mice. If there are cracks between the floor and the ceiling, that’s another easy entry point for mice.

A less common way for mice to enter a home is through items that you yourself bring in. A small mouse might be inside product packaging or a bag of feed that you bring through the kitchen and out to the back. You might not even notice the hole that the mouse chewed through to escape the bag.

Dangers of Mice in the Home

As mentioned, mice spread disease. They can carry everything from salmonella to fleas to tapeworms. If you have a family pet, they are also susceptible to the dangers of having a mice infestation in the home. Mice also endanger you and your loved ones in other ways. They are avid chewers and can chew through wires, causing electrical and fire risks inside your home. Even the best mouse repellents that you can buy at a store are no match for a professional mouse exterminator.

Mouse Pest Control in the Home

If you see one mouse in your home, the odds are almost 100% that there are more. It’s impossible for you to get rid of a mouse infestation without professional help, who can use a mouse sonic deterrent. You can control mice only slightly by being diligent about putting food away and keeping floors clean. But the facts are that once a mouse has taken up residence in your home, you’ll need to hire a pest control company to get rid of the problem using a variety of methods, including sonic mouse repellents.

The thing is, mice nest and procreate. Mice enjoy a warm home just as much as you do. So they’ll enter the home, find a nice, warm and dark place to nest and start gathering nesting materials. They will chew wood to make wood shavings, pull away at insulation to line their nest and basically create a nice, comfortable place to have little mouse babies. Once that happens, you could have generations of mice residing in your formerly tidy, clean home. You’ll encounter them when you open drawers, pick up shoes from the floor and at other times when you least expect it.

As much as you may like to welcome guests, mice should always be unwelcome for the reasons cited above. Call Effective Pest Control today to get rid of the mice pests in your home.

Mouse Proof Mesh

Mouse Proof Mesh stops mice coming through air vents in the wall

potential entry for mice

Potential entry for mice inside pipe up to attic
Will fix this with a stainless steel wool so it doesn’t rust

35 mice caught!

D18 caught 35 mice so far in two semidetached houses with quick kill snap mouse traps. No need for poison. I usually set 18 traps in each house over three visits. Most important part of job is finding the outside entry holes or gaps and fix them so no more mice

This female mouse or even two has the potential to create up to 14 mice in two litters – so all this in one day.

Broken vents or damaged vents can let in rodents into cavities and into your house.
Call Rat Trap to remove rats from your house and we’ll fix where they are accessing your house too.Service ducts in apartment building possible entry for rats and mice.

Rat vs Mouse Droppings

Rat entrance to home in Dublin

Mouse Entry through electrical box

Another Stairway to Heaven for Mice. 1-Mice-climb-up-bushes-and-enter-house-through-facia-board-s

2nd pest control visit – mice eating the poison laid

Mice getting through small gap under door. A gap under a door a quarter of an inch is enough for mice to enter.

Mouse preventative actions. Add a door stripe to doors to prevent mice travelling through your house. Then can get through gaps 1/4 of an inch.

Stairway to heaven – for mice. Mice love it when you grow pretty plants on your house – this way they can climb all the way up to your gutters and into your attic.
Ivy like in picture is a problem when it comes to mice. They climb up very easily and find away through facia board into attic.

Rat’s den found – under bath in house

Mouse and Rat Droppings. You won’t have mice and rats at the same time – the rats will eat the mice. Mouse Droppings. Found behind previous door and then mice enter through heating pipes in wall.

Utility box coming off wall – entrance for mice. Mice get in through the cracks and spaces between the cables.

Perfect entry point for mice. Mice really can get through the smallest gaps. This utility room had pipes going through it to the attic and throughout the house; perfect entry point for mice.

There’s a mouse in the attic….This house had mice scampering all over it. The mice created themselves a network of tunnels through the insulation in the attic.
Needless to say, the mice are now gone.

Rats & mice get in through cable boxes. This is very common; the wind blows door off UPC (now Vigin Media) or Sky TV cable box at the side of the house and rats and mice can gain entry in through cavity, and then to attic and then down walls into your house.
Keep them doors, however small and trivial looking, closed.

Hole in wall where mice and rats can enter cavity up to attic of house
This I fixed with some steel mesh

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